The New Cook's Almanac

This four-minute short was our submission to the Dell Lounge Frame Of Reference Competition in April 2008.

UPDATE (May 30, 2008): We're finalists! We've won a computer and money to make a twenty minute film by the end of August, which competes for the grand prize.

Competition Description:
We're so glad you purchased the very first episode of The New Cook's Almanac! This is the Director's cut, hand-edited by the Director himself! In this exciting episode, we show you how to bake a loaf of bread, and a fruit-topped cake, using the new ingredients that we've come to know and love. NO REFUNDS. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES CAUSED BY THE USE OF THIS PRODUCT, BUT WE MAY LAUGH AT YOU. WHY PAY FOR A LAWYER WHEN YOU KNOW WHERE THE CAPS-LOCK KEY IS?

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