Cheapo Aluminum Stabilizer

No frills, but pretty compact. This is a couple pieces of 1" by 1/8" aluminum. Originally made as a clip-mount for car shots, the extra straight piece was added so it also converts to a shoulder mount.

Fully assembled stablilzer. Covered in gaffer tape and black BBQ paint.
Small spring clamps bolted on the A-frame serve as (not terribly uncomfortable) handles, and as clamps for mounting. A 1/4" nut and bolt attaches the aluminum to the clamp handle. The assembly is covered in gaffer tape to make it easier to hold. If you're cutting aluminum, the edges will be sharp, and need to be filed down.
The camera mount is a 1/4" thumb screw. The washers aren't needed when the shoulderpiece is attached. A 1/4" nylon insert nut (lock nut) is all that keeps the parts together when a camera's not attached.
The aluminum was bent on a shop vise. All together, only 6 holes had to be drilled: 3 in the bent aluminum, 1 each in the clamp handles, and 1 at the end of the shoulderpiece.
A rubber fender washer on top of the ordinary washers (or the shoulderpiece, if attached), has enough give to make securing the camera less of a hassle.

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